A smalle book wit the story of Lumskebugten is know at hand for free when you visit the Restaurant.


In Danish “Lumskebugten” is an odd word – but if you look at the surroundings, it actually makes sense.

In the bay off the coast of the old custom house in Frederiksstad next to Restaurant Lumskebugten we have very strong currents forming sand banks.

These sand banks are particularly treacherous, because they move.

In the old days any seafaring man from the area would tell you, that you are sailing on treacherous waters and thus running the risk of agrounding - due to what we in Danish call "lumskebugter" (treacherous sand banks)

From 1854 and several years on many a sailor and landlubber also ran the risk of agrounding in the old sailor´s tavern named "Lumskebugten".

The tavern was situated just where ships and sailors took leave of Denmark and then again sat foot on Danish soil after having cruised around the world.

And then, of course, they could easily "aground”" in the tavern “Lumskebugten”.